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I Can Help Shape Management Decision Making


Being in business as a leader – a CEO, Managing Director, or General Manager is no easy task. There will be times when you cannot rely on your own personal intuition or that of your Board or management team. Decision-making, when you are not entirely sure, is difficult under these circumstances. Your decisions can have profound effects on the people whom you employ and those who rely on you.

Sound business decisions are thus crucial to your own personal development and to those around you. Hurried or emotion-based decisions could be devastating on a personal level and also for the business.

The demands of shareholders, boards of directors, and managers, often very removed from the daily realities of the business and of the times, will not abate nor go away. The profit motive can become a vociferous and demanding beast.

And the responsibility to make it all work, to keep your colleagues and employees motivated and focused, to a large extent rests on you.

This can be a demanding and lonely place.

If you know precisely what to do, then you will sleep soundly at night and you will in all likelihood not require this advisory service. However, if you do not know what your next step will or should be, then sleep and rest will be elusive and your self-confidence will eventually evaporate.

Just what are you to do?

A Potential Solution

What if you were able to share your challenges, issues, or dilemmas in total confidence with someone who has been in similar situations in the past?

The actual situation you face may not be identical to what has been faced before, but the solution or the principles may be similar. A dispassionate, neutral and honest appraisal of your circumstances is all that you really require. The advice would be offered and supplied in complete confidence and can be used as you deem fit once you have mulled over the suggested course of action.

Often a problem shared is a problem solved.

You would be unobligated to use the suggested route/s at all – the beauty of this option is that it does not detract from the fact that the decision is yours to make and you are in no way obligated to the provider of the advice or to anyone else for that matter. You remain at all times the primary decision-maker. What’s more, your leadership position is in no way undermined or interrupted. In fact, your perception in this regard may even be enhanced amongst your peers, colleagues, clients, or employers. Decisive decision-making instills confidence and a belief in the achievement of shared goals.

You need someone on your side that has been around the block.


They say that you learn most from the mistakes you make and Mike has made many!

And in the process has learnt a lot.

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